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Bachelor Programs

The Sheridan Bachelor of Photography program offers a professional photography education with an emphasis on the conceptual, technical and aesthetic possibilities of the medium. The program combines practice, history and theory, enabling students to make images that communicate perceptions, emotions and ideas. Sheridan Bachelor of Photography prepares students for careers at the high end of advertising, fashion, editorial
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In this intensive photography program, assignments provide a broad range of professional level challenges and experiences in the following areas:

Beauty, fashion and musicSheridan is one of the best equipped photography colleges in North America. You learn to
cheap ray bans use all the current industry standard cameras (including DSLR, medium and large format digital), studio and location lights, colour calibrated computer labs, industrial printers and scanners, and software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Capture One and Lightroom. But above all you learn to use a photographer most important tools: your eyes and your creativity.

You receive a DSLR camera kit for your exclusive use from September to the end of April for each of the first two years. You not be required to own a camera until Year 3 of the program. You also receive a personal external hard drive for file transfers and storage. This hard drive becomes your property. You are not required to own your own laptop.

This four year program includes eight academic semesters and one, 14 week internship at the end of Year
cheap ray bans 3. The program will provide the degree level credential typical of photography internationally.

Learn from Professionals

Sheridan photography instructors are successful working professionals who will provide career mentoring in addition to technical and artistic instruction. printing and mounting costs; props for studio and location shoots).

Sheridan Bachelor of Photography courses are held at the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario.

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

Develop appropriate and innovative solutions,working within the dynamics of the target market,with consideration for the requirements of an employer or client.

Plan and execute the creation of photographic imagery following an iterative process of research, ideation, visualization, analysis,production and evaluation.Articles Connexes:

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The eyes have it Ocean City isn’t much to look at

The eyes have it Ocean City isn’t much to look at. But on the boardwalk and on the sand, where the beautiful guys and girls gather, the watchword is voyeurism.

July 20, 1998By Arthur Hirsch Arthur Hirsch,Sun Staff

OCEAN CITY The eyes are peeled, hungry. Behind waves of wrap around shades, tiny silver framed John Lennon sunglasses, Ray Bans and Jackie Os, the eyes scope the shore for an object of desire. A woman, dripping saltwater and dressed in little else, steps out of the sea, then onto the boardwalk, walking a gantlet of eyes. A man, hairless and buffed to a beefy shimmer, struts by as if expecting applause, receiving but a silent flutter of eyelashes.

To see and to be seen and to switch roles at will, isn’t that why so many have come so far and so often? Along the beach or on the boardwalk especially on the boardwalk glances flash like fireflies. One seems to have stumbled into a convention of surveillance artists. It’s an open air gallery, a sightseeing tour. But please, no photographs.

In its pathological form, voyeurism is included in the psychiatric bible, the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders." In its more benign form, it’s high in the Ocean
cheap ray bans City book of Things To Do. Swim, boogie board, jog, fly a kite, play miniature golf, eat a funnel cake, eat saltwater taffy, ride the Ferris wheel, read a trash novel and look, look, look.

"A couple days ago we had somebody running down the beach in this electric pink swimsuit," says Devon Doane, a high school senior from Bethany who works a summer job for a company that rents beach umbrellas, chairs and boogie boards. "She looked like Barbie. . . . You could see everyone’s head kind of . . ." Her voice trails off as she mimes the motion of many heads rotating as one, seemingly wired to one remote control.

Although Doane’s attention is more often drawn to attractive young men, on this occasion her head turned with the
fake ray bans rest, tracking the progress of this blond jogger who, with her hot pink bikini, wore high top running shoes.

"It seemed an odd exercise outfit," says Doane.

In the flick of an eye, Doane may slip from watcher to watched and back again. She is 17, dark haired and dark eyed and on this particular day wears precious little: a blue and white bikini, a tan. All day long she strides from her customers to her umbrella shaded post set back from the water’s edge. She can feel the eyes on her, she says.

"I tend to think people are looking at me when I’m out there messing with the umbrellas and things," says Doane. When called upon to help a customer set up or take down an umbrella, she might notice that she is being noticed by a guy or three lounging nearby.

"Sometimes when you’ll look down you’ll make eye contact. They’ll look away," she says. It can be flattering, she says, but "sometimes it’s creepy. I’m not intimidated when it’s a bunch of guys my age. But when it’s older men . . ."

Do not cross

Somewhere in the sand there’s a line between attention
cheap ray bans that flatters and attention that puts the nervous system on alert, between a look that respects personal space and one that violates it. With prompting, the watchers and the watched along the boardwalk will consider this distinction.

Danielle Lins and Alesha Christensen, both 15 and from York, Pa., dark haired and dressed in bikini tops and shorts, attract a male audience as they walk south along the boardwalk late one afternoon. For Christensen, the attention is unwelcome. Maybe some people figure the boardwalk is a place to watch and be watched, she says, but "for me it isn’t."

Lins says, "Sometimes it’s OK. But when they’re too forward, when they come up to you being real loud about it . . ."

This is a problem, she says. But then, so is the reverse. The long look accompanied by not a word. Just a pair of eyes bearing

down. Even in a public place staring may seem a violation of privacy, "a departure from ordinary and normally expected observation," writes Texas Tech University philosophy professor Daniel O. Nathan. "The question of whether privacy has been violated seems to depend on how abnormally invasive the observing was."Paul Zawatski, 19, visiting the shore with two college buddies, is no philosopher. But
replica ray ban sunglasses he knows something about the protocol of beachfront voyeurism.

"If it’s an extended stare, it’s pretty bad," says Zawatski, of Pittsburgh, a junior at Penn State University. "If you get caught staring, it’s bad. . . . You gotta’ feel like an idiot, pretty much."

"Any time is good," says Zawatski.

This is Ocean City, after all, a place remarkably well suited for a little harmless voyeurism. Put it this way: What else is there to look at? Another french fry stand? Another chain restaurant? Another putt putt course? Another high rise condo designed with all the elegance and style of a Comfort Inn?Articles Connexes:

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History and Politics BA Honours

We are making
replica ray bans changes to our undergraduate courses from autumn 2016. These changes affect students applying to start a course with us from autumn 2015. View details of the changes to our undergraduate courses.

Start: 19 September 2015

Location: Central LondonThis course allows you to study two of the most popular arts and social sciences disciplines in combination, taking half of your modules in each area. The politics set offers you an in depth understanding of comparative, institutional, international and theoretical approaches, while the history set gives you a firm grounding in the major developments in British and European affairs over the past two centuries. The degree offers the combination of the theoretical and the empirical. The study of politics equips you with the analytical tools to explore and understand societies, while the history element provides a vast historical laboratory in which to test the validity
discount ray bans of the theory. Graduates have a wide range of research, analytical and evaluative skills, and are highly sought after by employers in education, international organisations such as the EU and the UN, media and marketing, NGOs, the Civil Service and the Foreign Office, and all sectors of industry.

You will take a core history module (either British Socio Economic and Political History, or British Foreign Policy since 1815), and a core politics module, Introduction to Political Theory.

Year 2 and Year 3 (Credit Levels 5 and 6)

At Credit Level 5 you take a history core in either Twentieth Century British Political History or Twentieth Century Europe, and a politics core in either the Foundations of Western Political Philosophy or State and Society. There is a core Research Methods module to help you choose your dissertation topic, which will be in either history or politics. At Credit Level 6 you take either Power, Freedom and Justice, or Citizenship and Democracy.

There is a wide variety of option modules, including:At Westminster, we have always believed that your University experience should be designed to enhance your professional life. We
cheap ray ban outlet place as much emphasis on gaining skills relevant to the workplace as on learning the academic discipline that you are studying.

Obtaining a placement, part time or vacation job while you study will provide you with
fake ray bans extra cash and help you demonstrate that you have the skills employers are looking for.

In London, there is a plentiful supply of part time work most students at the University of Westminster work part time (or full time during vacations) to help support their studies.

Visit the employability section on our siteOur can help and support you throughout your study and after graduation. You can use our comprehensive Online Vacancy Service to find part time, placement, voluntary and graduate opportunities.

Our website provides comprehensive information covering topics such as events, job searching, CVs and applications.Articles Connexes:

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Bomb scare at Maroochydore

FORENSIC police will examine the remains of an "explosive device" that was left in a busy Maroochydore street to determine if it was intended to injure.

Read full storyUPDATE WITH VIDEO: OCEAN Street has
cheap ray bans been re opened after police from the bomb squad in Brisbane detonated an explosive device.

Related videos Fog hampers commuters journey into Brisbane Thick blankets of fog have created chaos for commuters and.

Jacqui Lambie wants death penalty for terrorists who kill Australians Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie wants the death penalty.

Australia Zoo vets remove arrow from kangaroo head RSPCA and Australia Zoo rescue teams successfully captured.

Phantom and Lizzy recover after surgery Koala mum Lizzy and her joey Phantom are recovering well.

Unitywater solar investment It could be the biggest solar installation on the Sunshine.

Kangaroo with arrow stuck in its head dodges wildlife crews A kangaroo at Toorbul has been living with an arrow lodged.

Potholes Sugar Rd, Maroochydore Potholes Sugar Rd, Maroochydore

Ben Ross injures his arm in Footy Show challenge Retired NRL prop Ben Ross has landed in hospital after.

Sunshine Coast Newspaper Company Pty Ltd 2015.

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Sunshine Coast Classifieds
discount ray bans Jobs in Sunshine Coast Cars for Sale in Sunshine Coast Property listings in Sunshine Coast Bargains for Sale in Sunshine Coast Obituaries in
cheap ray ban outlet Sunshine Coast Personals in Sunshine Coast Notices in Sunshine Coast Property for Rent Houses for Sale Classifieds Garage Sale RecruitmentArticles Connexes:

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‘real’ Hawaii

Shane’s picks The Sheraton Kona’s overhauled Ray’s on the Bay restaurant and bar, which features live music and one of the state’s best ocean vistas, offers terrific open air dining with locally sourced cuisine and even views of plankton feeding manta rays most nights.

Travelers interested in a closer look at the graceful sea creatures can join one of several nighttime manta ray snorkeling tours departing from nearby Keauhou boat harbor.

It’s easy to get swept up in a Kalani Nakoa story. Tall, broad shouldered and frequently bearing a megawatt smile, the longtime Big Island resident dazzled our small group with Hawaiian history during a recent tour of Keauhou Bay and some of the surrounding coast in his 38 foot sailing canoe, the Kinikini.

"If you take the time to learn the real story, it’s always better than anything you can make up,"
cheap ray bans Nakoa said. "And the history of Keauhou is amazing. From the birthplace of Kauikeaouli and the magnitude of the holua slide to the Lekeleke battlefield, it’s all right there in a space of three quarters of a mile of coastline."

A turquoise harbor lined with jagged, black lava rock, Keauhou Bay is 15 miles south of the Kona Airport and a place of vast cultural significance for the Hawaiian people, including the stone on which King Kamehameha III or Kauikeaouli lay
replica ray bans stillborn for hours, according to Nakoa, and the terminus of one the of state’s few intact holua, or massive mountain sledding tracks.

Last April, Nakoa partnered with the recently renamed Sheraton Kona Resort Spa at Keauhou Bay to offer guests complimentary one hour sails aboard his replica of an ancient sailing canoe, constructed with a combination of modern and traditional materials. Nakoa runs a foundation reconnecting schoolchildren with Hawaiian culture via ocean activities, but he’s also a visitor industry veteran who said he’s seen travelers’ interests shift in recent years.

"Before, people used to come with nothing," he said. "They were just looking for the grass skirts and the mai tais and the beach. But nowadays when they come, many people really want to know about the culture, and they want to know what happened here. And they don’t want any phony baloney. They want the real stuff."Work on a nine month, $20 million renovation at the 22 acre Sheraton Kona finished up in September and included dramatic improvements to each of the hotel’s 509 rooms, its lobby, public areas and restaurants.

"In the guestrooms, we replaced all the items that you touch," said General Manager Steve Lindburg. "The drapes were replaced, the carpeting, the wall covering and paint, the lamps, television. We reskinned the furniture, and the bedding is all brand new to Sheraton standards. We put new furniture on the lanai [so] it’s essentially a brand new room without changing walls
cheap ray bans and fixtures."

Restoring the resort’s connection with Keauhou’s cultural heritage was another chief aim of the recent renovation, one that relied heavily on Hawaiian design themes conceived by Big Island artist Sig Zane and a programming renaissance overseen by the property’s new director of cultural and leisure activities, Lily Dudoit.

"I think the world has known us to be something else for a long time," Dudoit said of Hawaii. "There’s a certain image visitors often have that includes surfing or the hula girl with the coconuts on and the goofy music, pineapples, beaches, snorkeling, which is all true. You can get all of that while you’re here, but the people and the culture are alive and well. The heartbeat of Hawaii is the people and our cultural traditions. "

Along with hula lessons and Hawaiian crafts classes, Dudoit now leads cultural tours for guests to the nearby Lekeleke battlefield, where Hawaiians fought Hawaiians in 1819
fake ray bans over Christianity’s future in the Islands, and to the ruins of an ancient fishing village fronting Keauhou Bay.

Both walks, lasting about an hour each, are loaded with historical and cultural information along with a rich sampling of Hawaiian chants and stories, while Nakoa’s new sailing activity offers Sheraton Kona guests a truly unique Hawaiian experience.

"It gives guests a glimpse back in time," Dudoit said of the sailing tour. "It also gives a glimpse into the genius of the Hawaiian people, the navigation they used and how they survived on the ocean. And visitors can’t get on a Hawaiian sailing canoe like this anywhere else."

Laurie Jo Rogers, owner of Destinations in Paradise, a destination management company catering to high end incentive travelers, called the improvements at the Sheraton Kona "phenomenal" and said the enhanced cultural program marks a big step forward for the property.

"I was around before we became a state," she said. "And in the old days we were ashamed of being Hawaii. Now it’s the most important thing to show that heritage and show that culture.Articles Connexes:

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replica ray ban sunglasses Allen’s Family Life

Although Jody Allen is asuccessful full time female engineer with her own business, she isalso a full time mother. Jody has four children all under the age offive. In fact, this was the main reason Jody decided to start her
cheap ray ban outlet ownbuisness. Jody said that after she had her first child she found ithard to leave her.

Jody now schedules her work aroundher children’s appointments. "My family comes first" says Allen. "Itell all my clients that I will gladly do their work and get the jobdone well, but my work does not come before my family."

Jody says the same for her fourwomen employees. Jody says that they also have a very flexibleschedule, one that gives them the opportunity to see their childrenin a school function or take them to the doctors. Allen does not carewhen they do their work, as long as their work is done
replica ray bans on time. Thisset up is running pretty well and makes sense.

Allen works on ten to fifteenprojects a week, and still has time to spend with her children. Howdoes she do it? Well, for starters Jody sets away time for herchildren, like Jody’s Tuesdays. Tuesday is Jody’s time to be with herchildren. She does not work at all on thatday.

(Jody’s wall with all her children’s drawings)

Jody loves the excitement ofhaving four children and owning her own business. Jody said that mostpeople her age do not have four children under five and their ownbusiness, and most clients have no idea that she has a whole new lifeoutside of her work. She loves
discount ray bans to work and hear the children playingupstairs. In fact, one of her entire walls is completely covered byher children’s drawings and artwork.Articles Connexes:

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About Freelance Writing

The theme of issue 1 is ‘Tormented’ (deadline: 10th May 2004) and
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet issue 2 concerns ‘Beauty’ (deadline: 10th
replica Michael Kors handbags October 2004). The publication is funded by Arts Council England, London.

Call For Submissions: Sacred Feathers

Sacred Water and Sacred Fire are both to be published by Adams Media,Inc. in 2005. They will complete the series of anthologies onthe impact of the four sacred elements (earth, air, water and fire) on our lives. Originalpoetry will also be considered, length
cheap Michael Kors and style variable butlimited to one printed page. Contributors will receive onecopy of the book. The deadline for Sacred Fire is 10th June;for Sacred Water, it is
cheap michael kors 10th April 2004. You can
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet also fax them(913 831 4623) or send them through via snail mail (Maril Crabtree,3728 Tracy, Kansas City, MO 64109). The entry fee
Michael Kors discounts is $10 and
fake Michael Kors the deadline for submissions is 1st May 2004.

Call For Submissions: Cuerpo Magazine

Cuerpo Magazine, a new publication for and about Latina American women, will premier this summer. Pleasecontact the director for further information or visit: Amiana Network Chicago Office.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Flowering Trees

Geoff Bryant

There TMs no doubt that city gardens now dominate that thoughts of plant breeders and nurseries
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet and nowhere is this more evident than in the recent trends in the development of trees. Where once trees were though of as the major feature in a landscape, and large size was regarded as an asset, now we find that although gardeners still like the idea of trees, most find their bulk offputting. Large trees also help to reduce the force of the wind and can be used a boundary. Many country gardens are therefore both sheltered and defined by boundaries of large trees. But as effective as such plantings are at protecting the garden, filling space and hiding unsightly out buildings or waste areas, they tend to be rather monotonous " often just one or two tones of green. Eucalypts and acacias are particularly suited to group planting and can be used in paddocks to create small shelter blocks or woodlots. Although acacias are prone to wind damage, they are very good for shelter as they are palatable to stock. Don TMt leave the stock among the trees for more than a week or so, especially if feed is short supply, or the trees may suffer from stock grazing on or stripping the bark through rubbing. You will lose much of the benefit of the flowers with timber trees as they will eventually grow too high for the flowers to be very visible. On the other hand the regular trimming of coppiced promotes rapid new low level growth that will develop into flowering wood at relatively. If you have the room this can be the most satisfying form of gardening, allowing all manner of perennials and other plant to be grown under the trees. Managing woodlots to best achieve these multiple objectives requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the methods available. This demands that you plan ahead to avoid any embarrassment as they grow. Just because you may have a large garden it doesn TMt mean that you can TMt run into problems with trees outgrowing their allotted space. Remember to consider the spread as well as the height: some trees, like the silk tree (Albizia julibrissin), may be wider than they are high, which is great if you need a shade tree for a lawn but is less appealing where fences and hedges set limits for the spread of the tree. Frost and wind tolerance and rainfall are the main climatic concerns, while drainage, depth, humus content, and pH are the most important soil considerations. The climate will also determine the rate of growth. Any large tree will provide shade throughout the year, but when the sun is at its lowest in winter, a wide spreading tree can shade a considerable area. It may be difficult to find many trees that bloom in winter in inland
Cheap Michael Kors handbags or southern areas with cold winters and regular heavy frosts, but in most parts of the country it is possible to have at least one or two trees in bloom at any time. Given the choice, most gardeners will opt for evergreens over deciduous plants " the advantage of year round foliage is nearly always
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet decisive. However, deciduous trees have plenty to offer, not just in terms of their superiority as shade and compost providers, but as ornamental plants too. Think of deciduous trees and the first thing that comes to mind is autumn foliage, those vivid tones of yellow, orange and red, but the bright green of the new spring growth should not be underestimated. Most have golden yellow flowers, are relatively short lived and tend to have rather brittle branches that are easily damaged by wind. This brittleness makes most wattles unsuitable for shelter plantings, although the sallow wattle (A. floribunda) is often used as a quick screen. By far the most common is the Cootamundra wattle (A. baileyana), which has fine, feathery foliage, grows to about 8 m high 10 m wide, and produces massed clusters of flowers in late winter and spring. The alpine wattle (A. pravissima) is smaller (around 5 m 6 m) and has bright yellow flowers. It has triangular, pointed phyllodes (leaflets) and is hardy over most of the country. They also have edible foliage and flowers. julibrissin) is usually grown as a shade or lawn tree. It has large fern like (bipinnate) leaves composed of many tiny leaflets. In summer it produces fluffy, ball shaped, filamentous, pale yellow and pink flowers. The form Rosea TM has deep pink flowers. The silk tree grows to about 6 m 8 m and thrives in light well drained soil. lophantha is a somewhat frost tender evergreen species that closely resembles an acacia. It has bright, slightly glaucous, green pinnate leaves and 100 mm long fluffy yellow bottle brush flowers. The common F.
Michael Kors outlet excelsior is a 15 m high 9 m wide, broad headed, deciduous tree that is frequently used as a street tree. It has 200 mm long pinnate leaves usually made up of seven leaflets and bears panicles of tiny, fragrant, white flowers in spring. oxycarpa) is similar but has slightly smaller leaves. ornus). This species has a dense foliage cover and large flower heads. It colours well in the autumn. F. mariesii is similar to F. australis) is extremely well known for its distinctive foliage and growth habit, but less well known for its beautiful, large panicles of fragrant, creamy white flowers. These appear in spring and are followed by small white berries. indivisa) has much wider, somewhat glaucous, leaves with prominent ribbing. It is an attractive plant but demands moist soil and high humidity to be at its best. Cabbage trees prefer moist soil and are quite tolerant of poor drainage. It grows to about 15 m high and is strongly built,
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet with a particularly stout trunk. Carob has very strong roots that can lift paving, so take care not to plant it near paths and driveways. The most common species is C. corymbosa, particularly the form John Ball TM. It grows to about 4 m 4 m and has bright green pinnate leaves that are up to 150mm long and composed of leaflets with prominent midribs. It produces yellow, buttercup like flowers in large clusters appear from about the middle of March. Grow in light well drained soil in full sun and protect from frost when young. Most other species have a similar appearance but vary slightly in size, leaf shape and flowering season. C. bignonioides) is a large (20 m 15 m), deciduous North American tree. It had large, light green oval leaves and in summer produces upright clusters of cream to very pale pink, tubular flowers. It is often said that this is one of the few very hardy trees with flowers that can rival the flamboyance of the tropical trees. This may be stretching things a bit, but there TMs no denying that a mature catalpa in full bloom is an impressive sight. siliquastrum) and Chinese redbud (C. chinensis) both grow to about 8 m 5 m, have distinctive light bronze green, heart shaped leaves and springtime flower clusters in an unusual shade of purplish pink. The flowers are followed by bean like seed pods. White flowered forms are available. The foliage often colours well in the autumn. Most species are deciduous, though a few, notable the Mexican hawthorn (C. pubescens), are evergreen. They produce apple blossom like flowers in spring, which may, depending on the cultivar, be single or double, in various shades of white, pink and red.
cheap michael kors The flowers are followed by conspicuous fruit that is usually red or golden yellow. floribunda; M. Oporto TM, which has very deep plum coloured flowers; M. Jack Humm TM, which is primarily grown for its bright red fruit; and C. laevigata (syn. Although deciduous it is not particularly hardy, being damaged at about 6C. The simple glossy deep green oval leaves are about 60 mm long and are usually carried in groups of three. In summer the tree produces clusters of 30 mm diameter frilly flowers. There are many colour forms in shades of white, cream, pink, mauve and red; there are also dwarf forms suitable for tub cultivation. Dogwoods have simple but bold spring flowers, good autumn foliage colour, and some have brightly coloured winter stems. C. controversa, C. florida and C. kousa usually have the best flowers, while C. nuttalii provides brilliant autumn colour. C. alternifolia has a graceful tiered growth habit, but insignificant flowers. C. stolonifera has bright red winter twigs and C. The flowers have four leathery petals and are usually white when first open but develop pink tints as they age. The flowers are often followed by large round fruits that are seen at their best on C. kousa and the evergreen C. capitata is often damaged at 6C when young. They do best when planted in moist, humus enriched, well drained soil in sun or light shade. All produce filamentous flowers in shades of white, cream, pink, yellow, orange or red, varying in size and season. Some, such as scarlet flowering gum (E. ficifolia), put on a truly magnificent floral display while others, such as E. pauciflora var. niphophila, at around 6 m high to giants, such as E. globulus, which may exceed 60 m. However, they are among the most attractive and easy care evergreen trees available. And of course they really shine as quick growing farm trees; a range of species can provide plants suitable for timber, coppicing and flowers, which are particularly popular with bees. Some, such as E. This 8 "10 m high tree is usually upright and quite narrow with weeping branches. Most have tiny needle like or elliptical leaves. The flowers are similar to those of the closely related bottlebrush (Callistemon sp.) but are usually smaller. There are species in almost every colour of flower, though cream, yellow, pinkish mauve and red predominate. The most common species is E. cordifolia, a Chilean native. The other Chilean species, E. glutinosa, is rarely seen in gardens but has been crossed with E. cordifolia to produce the hybrid E. nymansensis. The three Australian species, E. milliganii, E. moorei and E. lucida are rarely seen. The foliage tend to be among the last to fall in autumn and often turns a bright yellow before dropping. In summer it produces large terminal heads of yellow flowers that are followed by clusters of papery seed capsules. Both G. banksii and the silky oak (G. robusta) have bronze green pinnate foliage and develop into round headed trees. Though similar in appearance, G. robusta is considerably taller than G. banksii: 15 m high as opposed to 6 m. Both flower in late spring to mid summer. G. banksii has red flowers while those of G. robusta are golden orange. These trees prefer a well drained, somewhat acid soil and are frost tender when young. The New Zealand honeysuckle or rewarewa (Knightia excelsa) is also in the protea family. Its brownish red flowers, while interesting and unusual, are scarcely spectacular. The most common species is the evergreen H. populnea. When young it is a very upright tree, but as it ages it becomes more round headed and grows to about 12 m high. Various foliage forms are available, though all produce massed small clusters of 2 cm diameter white flowers in late summer and early autumn. Other evergreen species grown include H. sexstylosa, which is very similar to H. populnea, and H. lyalli and H. glabrata, are similar to one another. H. lyalli grows to about 7 m while H. glabrata is a little taller at 9 m. The leaves are similar to H. populnea but covered in fine hairs. H. glabrata has somewhat bluish leaves. Both species flower in summer and are hardy to at least 15C. It is a semi evergreen or deciduous 12 m 8 m tree that is almost totally frost tender when young, but tolerates 5C once well established. Although the very finely divided fern like leaves are attractive, jacaranda is mainly grown for its spectacular clusters of bright purplish blue trumpet flowers. These may appear in spring in very mild areas, with summer the main flowering season. White and pink flowered forms are occasionally available. Up to 15 m high when mature, though shrubby for many years, it has elliptical, deep bronze green, serrated edged leaves up to 100 mm long. In summer, the tree produces masses of 150 mm long, narrow creamy white bottlebrush like flower heads. The massed flowers often swarm with bees as they are heavy with nectar and
Michael Kors handbags outlet pollen. The flowers are followed by 20 mm diameter red berry like fruits. There is also a purple leafed form. Kamahi prefers a moist, slightly acid soil and is easily grown in most parts of New Zealand. The towai (W. microphylla) are hardy, heavy flowering and easily grown. These species are evergreen for most of the year but often drop most of their leaves as flowering begins in late winter or early spring. S. tetraptera has large olive green leaflets that can be quite stiff and leathery, which tends to make the leaves curl slightly. It has pendulous clusters of large bright yellow flowers. S. microphylla has very small deep green leaflets and flowers that are smaller than those of S. tetraptera, but there are more blooms per cluster and they tend to be a golden, rather than bright, yellow. The flowers of both species are followed by brown, bean like seed pods. Of these, S. japonica is the most common. It has deciduous, 200 mm long, light green, pinnate leaves and cream, or occasionally pale pink, flowers in 200 "300 mm long terminal panicles. It may grow to 15 m 12 m but is often grafted onto 2 m standards to produce a small weeping tree. patersonii) is a small evergreen tree. Quick growing when young, it slows considerably after reaching 4 m. It has mid green leathery oval leaves about 75 mm long with
cheap Michael Kors silvery grey undersides. The 40 "50 mm diameter mid pink mallow like flowers are followed by seed pods that contain irritant hairs. Remove the pods before they ripen unless you want to collect the seed. The Canary Island laurel (L. azorica), however, offers equally attractive evergreen, deep green, oval foliage with the added bonus of large clusters of cream flowers in late spring. arborea) is an evergreen large shrub or small tree " advanced specimens may reach 6 m 3 m. It has large, deep green, laurel like foliage and from mid summer bears masses of mildly fragrant, white, lily of the valley flowers in large panicles. It is not entirely hardy but will withstand occasional frosts of 6C. campbellii and the evergreen M. campbellii, which may grow to 20 m 12 m, has long, mid green, oval leaves, very like those of the common M. soulangiana. It is also one of the earliest to flower: usually starting to produce its vase shaped cream to deep pink blooms in mid August. M. grandiflora grows to a similar size and has leaves that are a glossy mid olive green on top with rust coloured felting below. Some forms, such as Ferruginea TM, have very heavy felting. The flowers, which are fragrant, are creamy white and cup shaped. P. tomentosa is the species generally grown as a garden specimen. It is a hardy, strongly branched tree with large (up to 300 mm long), heart shaped leaves, deep green on the upper surfaces and light green underneath with some felting. It grows to about 15 m high 8 m wide. The spectacular purplish blue trumpet flowers are carried in foxglove like heads and open in spring from the terminal heads of furry brown buds that are carried right through winter. They are followed by rounded seed capsules that hang on well into winter. Trees often carry the current year TMs seed capsules and the following season TMs buds at the same time. Several species and many hybrids are grown and they range in size from the very dwarf almonds, such as the P. glandulosa forms, which are suitable for small gardens and containers, through to large spreading trees, such as P. Among the most popular are the weeping and horizontal standards. These are naturally low, spreading plants that have been grafted onto upright standards from 1 "2.5 m high. There are also a few very deep pink, bordering on red, cultivars and some with orange tints. Flowers may be single, semi double or fully double. Often a double flowered form will also carry some single flowers. Many of the ornamental forms are sterile and do not bear fruit, but some develop small, usually inedible, fruit after flowering. The trees are generally very frost hardy, although some of the very early flowering forms, such as P. subhirtella Autumnalis TM or Geisha TM, may suffer flower or bud damage from hard frosts. The simple rounded leaves are a bright glossy mid green on young plants but mature trees have deep green leathery leaves with white indumentum. Old trees often develop aerial roots on the trunk and branches. Various flower colours and leaf forms are available. Except for being frost tender, especially when young, this is an easily grown tree. umbellata) and the northern rata (M. robusta) are far tougher plants but they seldom do well in gardens. Their flowers are similar to those of the pohutukawa, but while spectacular in the wild, they are less showy in a garden. Both species are hardy to at least 10C so they are worth trying in areas too cold to grow M. excelsa. Most often seen in late winter, the panicles of bloom may occur at any time. They are followed by bright red 20 mm long berries. The foliage of the puriri is very handsome: the leaves are a lustrous, glossy green; and composed of 3 "5 broad leathery leaflets that are up to 125 mm long. Puriri grows to 15 m 10 m and is a very impressive tree in all respects. Fittingly, it is host to one of our most impressive insects: the puriri moth. The caterpillars of this large moth can often be found on trees in the wild, but they usually do little damage. It has been used for piles, fencing, bridges and other construction, while also being suitable for fine furniture. pseudoacacia Frisia TM is the most commonly planted member of this genus and has become enormously popular over the last ten years. However, it seldom, if ever, flowers. The true species, R. pseudoacacia, on the other hand, produces attractive, fragrant, white flower clusters in late spring and early summer. hispida, has recently been promoted as the pink wisteria tree. It has long racemes of pink flowers and grows to about 4 m. Though usually grown for its berries, the cream spring flowers, while often rather unpleasantly scented, are nevertheless conspicuous. The colour of the berries varies with the species. Mountain ash has orange berries, S. americana has white berries, while those of S. hupehensis are white tinted pink. The smaller growing (up to 4 m 1.8 m) S. vilmorinii is available in pink, yellow or red berried forms. Birds are attracted to the yellow, red or orange berries, but tend to leave the white berries. Some species, most notably S. discolor, have attractive autumn foliage but most show little autumn colouration. It is a hardy evergreen with rounded, dark green red stemmed leaves, about 60 mm long and finely serrated. The reddish brown bark is attractive too, especially when wet. It is tolerant of coastal conditions and alkaline soil, which is unusual for an a member of the erica family. Grow in moist, well drained, humus enriched soil in sun or light shade. Although A. unedo is by far the most common species, I prefer A. The most common species, S. japonica, grows to about 7 m and has deep green pointed heart shaped leaves and slightly drooping racemes of small bell shaped white flowers. S. obassia is a slightly taller species that has fragrant flowers. Both prefer cool, moist, well drained soil and cool, moist summer conditions. They have tiny adpressed leaves that are reminiscent of heather (Calluna). T. parviflora is usually regarded as the best flowering species and produces masses of minute, bright pink flowers in spring and summer. It grows to about 6 m 3 m. Tamarisks prefer light well drained soil in full sun. microphylla) is a rather open growing tree (around 8 m 5 m) with tiny rounded deep bronze green leaves and springtime clusters of small fluffy yellow flowers that are strongly vanilla scented. It is easily grown in most well drained soils. A very attrArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Zoo animals on the loose in Georgia

At least 12 people have been killed in the disaster, including three zoo workers.

An escaped hippo was cornered in one of the city main squares and subdued with a
cheap Michael Kors handbags tranquilizer gun, the zoo said. Some other animals also have been seized, but it remained unclear how many are on the loose. Bears and wolves are also among the animals that fled from their enclosures amid the flooding from heavy rains and high
Michael Kors handbag outlet winds.

There were no immediate reports that any
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet of the fatalities were due to animal attacks. The zoo said one of the dead was Guliko Chitadze, a zookeeper who lost an arm in an attack by a tiger last month; the Interfax news agency said her husband also died in the flooding.

As of mid afternoon Sunday, it was unclear how many animals remained on the loose or what species they are.

"Not all the animals who ran
fake Michael kors handbags outlet away from the zoo have been captured. Therefore, I want to ask the populace to refrain from moving about the city without" an urgent need to, mayor David Narmania said.

A full accounting of what animals were missing wasn immediately possible because a large part of the zoo remained underwater, zoo spokeswoman Khaati Batsilaishvili told The Associated Press.

Heavy rains and wind hit Tbilisi during the night, turning a normally small stream that runs through the hilly city into a surging river. The flooding also damaged dozens of houses.

Narmania told journalists that 12 people were known to have died.

Helicopters circled
cheap Michael Kors the city and volunteers and rescue workers labored to help those whose residences were damaged or destroyed, despite the potential danger from the escaped animals. About 1.1 million people live in the former Soviet republic capital.

The head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ilia II, was quoted by the Interfax news agency as telling a Sunday Mass that Georgia former Communist rulers could be seen as involved
discount Michael Kors in the disaster.

"When Communists came to us in this country, they ordered that all crosses and bells of the churches be melted down and the money used to build the zoo," he said. "The sin will not go without punishment. I am very sorry that Georgians fell so that a zoo was built at the expense of destroyed churches."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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400 million Serco unit

SPOTLIGHTCorporate DossierMicrosoft, Cisco bid goodbye to much hated appraisal toolThe main feature of MS’s new system is continuous feedback. The appraiser appraisee are required
replica Michael Kors handbags to ‘connect’ four times every year.

Can Tanti steer Suzlon towards growth after a near death experience?Who should change our habits the leader or the follower?Slideshows you must not miss!Android M:
replica Michael Kors outlet 10 things Google’s latest Android OS can doGoogle has taken the wraps off its latest Android OS, the successor to Lollipop. Android M, will boast new ways to fetch information.

US warplane proves it can be operated and serviced at seaGoogle shows off virtual reality collaboration with GoProSeeking power ful solution?Power Crisis: India sees lowest plant load factor in 15 yearsAccording to officials, there is demand but they don have the money to pay for power due to poor fiscal health of the discoms.

African countries to sign MoU with power surplus GujaratWhy your power bills keep rising even when consumption doesn’t?Foreign PolicyPM to visit 5 central Asian nations after Brics summitModi is planning trip to five Central Asian countries in July, with an eye on tapping huge resources including hydrocarbon uranium.

Modi’s trips bring better dividends than Manmohan’s: OfficialsPM Modi, Bengal CM Mamata to visit Bangladesh on June 6India’s mighty fightersAll you want to know about the man behind India’s AEW Christopher, known as the man behind the CABS AEW project, was appointed as the Director General of DRDO on Thursday.

Naval Conference: Session brings out key areas of concernFormalities over, one rank one pension will be implemented: ParrikarNot so hot teaKerala’s tea planters say hit by ‘worst crisis in 100 years’The Association of Planters of Kerala (APK) said the tea industry is going through one of
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the worst crisis faced in the past 100 years of its existence.

Kenya tea output shortfall to be added advantage for Indian marketFood beverage sector to touch Rs 3.80 lakh crore by 2017: SurveyPaving way for jobsGovt to award Rs 3.5L cr road projects in 2015 16: GadkariHighways minister Nitin Gadkari also announced creation of as much as 25 lakh jobs in
Michael Kors discounts the shipping and highways sector.

Doubled road investment to increase jobs three foldIndia needs $1 trillion for new infrastructure: SitharamanFIFA Crisis: Who hands the trophy?’Blatter’s re election row not about punishment, but shame’Frankly, it doesn matter if Blatter wins the election for a fifth time. Rather, it is all about the discredit and the shame. It is about fair play, says Boria Majumdar.

Why Sepp Blatter has loyalty from almost all voting blocsSepp Blatter asks to be re
cheap Michael Kors handbags elected despite crisisRahul 2.0 vs BJPBJP plans to counter Rahul in his own pocket boroughSmriti Irani has managed to build some rapport with a section of voters in Amethi and BJP will use it to pin down Rahul Gandhi whenever he attacks govt.

Sonia Gandhi targets Centre as she visits her constituencyRahul Gandhi may have to tell cops his eye colour, shoe sizeGoogle’s latest betsAndroid M: What’s new in Google’s latest OSWith the M upgrade, users will be able to summon Google Now to scan whatever content might be on a mobile device’s screen.

Google shows off virtual reality collaboration with GoProGoogle unveils Android Pay in fresh challenge to AppleBringing ‘em all on Internet!Taking tech to villages: Digital India may kick off in JulyThough no formal dates have been fixed yet, Digital India Week is likely begin in July, and will involve stakeholders across state govts.

Microsoft to open India’s first digital experience centre in VadodaraCBSE students to
cheap Michael Kors outlet get certificates in digital format as well: IT SecyMasters of TradeWhy food startups are hiring top chefs to head kitchenThe attraction for chefs to work with food brands lies primarily in creative freedom to run the show independently at the backend.

Box 8 packages food in easy to consume format for youUnfettered by failures, young entrepreneurs unleash startup swag

BENGALURU: CVC Capital Partners, a $46 billion global private equity house focused on management buyouts, is up against Blackstone Group in the final lap of an acquisition bid for the Indian unit of business process outsourcing major Serco.

The two buyout funds fired
Michael Kors outlet binding offers last month valuing the Serco India unit, formerly Intelenet, at around $400 million (about Rs 2,500 crore), people directly familiar with the matter said. TOI, in February, reported that Blackstone was making a serious bid to buy back Intelenet which it sold to Serco for $634 million four years ago.

The offer from CVC Capital Partners is interesting and, if successful, would be their first big bet on the Indian market. The bid for Intelenet comes almost two years after it acquired Philippines’ largest BPO company SPi Global for over $300 million.

Blackstone’s rebid, however, carries some clout as Intelenet garners more than 15% revenue from its portfolio companies like Hilton Hotels and Travelport. A formal announcement on the successful suitor is expected in the coming weeks.

In November last year, Serco had announced that it would divest private sector BPO businesses as part of a business restructuring plan that would see it focus on being a business to government provider across five core areas. The sale proceeds would be used to lower the net debt of the parent company.

"This is a good business with highly capable people but does not fit with the future strategic direction of Serco and will find a better home with a new owner. We are not going to comment further on the divestment process," a Serco spokesperson said, replying
cheap michael kors to a query on the bidding process.

CVC Capital Partners could not be reached immediately, while Blackstone refused to comment on speculation.

Several bidders both private equity and strategic like Carlyle Group, Apax partners, Sykes and Teleperformance were among those who had evaluated the acquisition.

Serco had decided on a competitive bidding process even as the local management headed by Susir Kumar mulled a management buyout option. Kumar and top executives are expected to align with the successful bidder.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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