Bolton Wanderers Set to Unveil New Badge

seventiesIf you’re looking for cheap football merchandise then the club shop at Bolton’s Reebok Stadium is the place to be. The place resembles a closing down sale. This is nothing new when it comes to replica shirts. If you’re aiming to lure fans into parting with their hard-earned for the latest version, it’s unhelpful to have the old one lying around.

But this is different. Everything is being offloaded. There’s a reason for this. Bolton Wanderers is to have a new badge.

currentThe current emblem has been much criticised, primarily because it’s crap. A mentally retarded chimpanzee armed with a copy of Microsoft Paint could do better. Yet calls for a replacement have always been resisted. But now, there’s an awareness of the warmth and respect extended towards Bruce Rioch’s team in the recent White Hot celebrations and a desire to have some of that in 2013 going forward. Hence the change.

OldThe new badge will be based on the design that was used prior to moving to the Reebok Stadium in 1997, with the Lancashire rose featuring. This a pity. There was an elegant simplicity to the shield used previously that also incorporated an elephant from the town’s crest.

Sadly, a survey amongst fans revealed a lack of support for the elephant. With chairman Phil Gartside still in situ, it was felt that there’s enough at the Reebok that’s grey and wrinkly.

– Richard McCormick

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