Dougie Freedman: The Mad Man of Bolton

Millwall manager Ian Holloway tends to polarise opinion.  He’s either a refreshing personality much needed by football, or an enormous bell end, depending on who you talk to.  Yet there has been broad agreement with his reaction to comments made by Bolton boss Dougie Freedman, after their respective teams had drawn 1-1 on Saturday.

“I’m not really happy with a point because I felt that we controlled the game very well in the first half,” said  Freedman.

“Then in the second half we defended very well but we missed chances when we hit the post and then the penalty miss so I felt we deserved the three points.”

Olly.  Bored.

Olly. Bored.

Holloway didn’t concur with that assessment, and while one can’t be absolutely certain, given his sometime unconventional thinking, it seems that he was bored senseless.

“I’m deadly serious when I say you’d be bored senseless watching that kind of performance from them,” he said.

“If that’s how you set out to play when people pay a lot of money to watch I’d be bored senseless.

“That isn’t how you control a game. I suggest he reads some stats and sees how many chances he created and whether you’d be bored senseless watching it.

“You pay a lot of money for a ticket and you want to see your team have some shots at goal. If that’s controlling a game I would be bored senseless.”

As Olly suggests, the stats are in his favour.  Millwall had 60% possession, and 22 shots on goal compared to ten by the visitors.  They also had eight more corners than Bolton.  Figures aren’t available for how boring each team was, which may be just as well.

Dougie.  Mad.

Dougie. Mad.

It’s not the first time that the Wanderers boss has used the ‘C’ word in a manner unfamiliar to normal people. If Dougie Freedman were a boxer, he’d be the one pummelled on the ropes for twelve rounds, before proclaiming that he’d controlled the fight, whilst being carried from the ring on a stretcher.  One can’t help but wonder, if he’s a tiny bit bonkers


– Richard McCormick

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