Finally, The Truth About Bolton Wanderers. Well, Kind Of


Wigan’s Whelan waffles

Bolton Wanderers. A club in crisis.  Debts exceeding £160 million, a team still under performing despite having dropped a division, and a spineless idiot for a manager.   The fans are beastly as well, at least according to one country bumpkin.


Over the last couple of years, Manny Road has asked the questions that no one else dared to, but difficult as it is to admit, we’ve been trumped, by none other than Wigan Athletic Chairman Dave Whelan.

Under a fierce interrogation in the tap room of a back street boozer, Whelan blabbed to Bolton FM.  It seems the horrible truth emerged as he and Wanderers owner Eddie Davies had a chin wag, on a jolly to the Carribean.

“Bolton have got to get one or two things right.  Like the finances.  Where are the wages going this year?  Something wrong at Bolton.”

Dave was prepared to name names as well.  Unfortunately he couldn’t remember them.

“The lad who,  I was talking to him in Barbados about a fortnight ago.  Lad who owns it.  He’s being led a dance by…….whoever’s doing it at Bolton.  Something’s wrong.

“You can’t lose hundred and fifty million.  How do you do that?

“I don’t know what’s happened at Bolton because Bolton normally is a well run club.  Something’s gone wrong.  You can’t lose hundred and fifty million quid.    How do you do that?    There’s something seriously wrong at Bolton.”

So there it is.  As suspected.  There is, without doubt, something wrong at Bolton and seriously wrong at that.

Thank you for your insight Mr Whelan.  Whites supporters are indebted to you.  We hope your leg gets better soon.  You must tell us what happened there sometime.

Picture of Dave and his leg from the Twitter account of football humour  website Terrace Life

– Richard McCormick

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