It’s Triple Good News for Bolton Wanderers

Bye bye, Quick Quid

Bye bye, Quick Quid

It will be a relief to normal people that Bolton Wanderers has dropped plans to have pay day loan sharks Quick Quid as the club’s principal sponsor.

“We have worked for years to build trust and participation with the community through our Community Trust, education programmes, and other initiatives that are currently underway in partnership with local and national government,” chairman Phil Gartside told the official website.

“We don’t want our commercial relationships to come between us and our community, and neither does Quick Quid.”

In truth, the deal was threatening to become so toxic that it damaged both parties, and with the new shirt to be unveiled the day after a decision had to be made.  Whatever the reason, the news is welcome.

Bolton Wanderers Football Club is about many things:

It’s about playing in the top flight of English football for over 70 years, despite being dwarfed by the giants nearby.
It’s about once being the dominant force for a decade in the FA Cup.
It’s about Nat Lofthouse, a fine footballer, and an even finer man.
It’s about going to Anfield as a lower tier club, meeting Liverpool FC still in it’s pomp and leaving victorious.
It’s about making it to the Premier League, staying there against all odds and forging such a reputation that teams visiting the Reebok were beaten before they’d stepped onto the pitch.
It’s about a team that qualified for Europe two seasons out of three, finishing above clubs who had far more resources.

It is not about giving respectability to a set of American spivs who make victims out of the working poor in this country, whilst hiding behind laws that should have been reformed long ago.

And There’s More

Well, hello

Well, hello

At last, the poncey ribbons have gone and Bolton has a badge that’s not a mess.  As mentioned on Manny Road on 21st May, the new emblem is based on that used from the mid-seventies onward, and features the Lancashire rose, with not an elephant in sight.  Sorry, Zulu.

Last and Least

A not so fond farewell to Mark Alderton who left BWFC this week.  The name will be unfamiliar to many, a damning indictment for a self-styled communications director.

The local media weren’t fond of Alderton, mainly because he didn’t tell them anything.  Forgetting to mention that Lee Chung Yong had signed a new contract some months previously was but one example.

But Alderton’s most famous exploit was to arrange a Police visit for a fan who had written unkind poems about former Whites boss Owen Coyle.  Alderton would later claim, via the club, that plod had been alerted because of remarks made about an employee on a football forum. Even if that was the case, the words had been written some months previously, weren’t in any threatening and had not been repeated.  It was a ridiculous and sinister over reaction.

So long Mark.  You won’t be missed.

– Richard McCormick

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