Liam Feeney, A Rampaging Beast and the End of Everything

Christmas is coming,
Feeney’s getting fat,
He’s found a Bolton player,
Just imagine that!

Bogdan. Looks kind of familar doesn't it?

Bogdan. Looks kind of familar doesn’t it?

Bogdan’s dropped a clanger,
On that you’d bet your house,
It doesn’t matter now,
Because he’s playing for the Scouse.

Christmas is coming,
We haven’t any money,
Other fans, at other clubs,
May think that’s very funny.

Eddie’s out of greenbacks,
He’s down to his last quid,
The club’s for sale on E-Bay,
But no one’s made a bid.

Eddie can you spare a dime?

Eddie can you spare a dime?

Christmas is coming,
Lennon’s at the bar,
The ginger beast is on the pull,
He’s searching near and far.

Clearly there’s a problem,
It’s there for all to see,
It’s been suggested that we
Put some bromide in his tea.

Chistmas is coming
And points are hard to find,
We can’t defend for toffee,
Our strikers are half blind.

A randy ginger animal and a cat.

A randy ginger animal and a cat.

Christmas is coming,
We think of times gone past,
Enjoy the one that’s coming up,
It may…

…just be our last.


Manny Road wishes its readers a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year and hopes for a fresh start for the club we all love.

– Richard McCormick


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