The Naughty Adventures of Leg Over Lennon

This is where the match report on the Fulham game should have been.  There would have been a brief description of the action, along with judgemental comments about certain players. That won’t happen now, so  Prince-Désir “Sprit of Zat” Gouano and Liam Feeney can rest easy for now.  (And yes, it was noted that the latter laid on a goal, after finding a team member wearing the same coloured shirt at his 48th attempt.)

"Watcha doin' tonight darlin'?"

“Watcha doin’ tonight darlin’?”

Thanks to the Sunday Mirror, Bolton Wanderers has hit the big time.  The club has its very own sex scandal.  According to that publication, manager Neil Lennon has has three women on the go, which is pretty impressive for a ginger person.

Suddenly, the reason for Dean Holdsworth’s interest becomes clear.  It’s nothing to do with football or finance.  He just wants a decent wing man.  Lock up your daughters when Deano and Leg Over Lennon hit town  And your girlfriends, and wives and any female who has reached puberty and has a pulse.

One of the Lennon trio has a beef.  “Kim” as she’s been christened by the Mirror, alleges that Lennon said that a knife might be held to her throat should she blab to his long term partner Irene, which she did anyway.  Of all the names they could have picked, the paper decided on one that usually belongs to a dog.

“In response to an article published in the Sunday Mirror on Sunday 20 December, Bolton Wanderers can confirm that the club are currently conducting an internal investigation regarding the matter concerned.”  runs a statement on the offical site.   It was Neil’s own internal investigation that caused the problem in the first place.

Neil is asked how his sex life is going.

Neil is asked how his sex life is going.

It’s unlikely that anything will come of this.  “Who’s up Mary Brown,” sang the fans when it was discovered that Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty was diddling the wife of the club physio in 1977.  United sacked him.  Docherty went on to marry the woman in question.

These days it’s accepted that those in football will hump anything in high heels.  It has been suggested that Lennon’s behaviour could be construed as a breach of contract resulting in dismissal without compensation, but that could lead to an expensive and protracted legal process.

Product advert at Lennon's local. Fanny's is the name of the pub you filthy minded beast.

Product advert at Lennon’s local. Fanny’s is the name of the pub you filthy minded beast.

All of which easily eclipses last week’s off the field news.  A group of individuals are forming a supporters trust, with the possible aim of purchasing the Whites.  Who are these people?  Er, they don’t want to say.

So to sum up:  BWFC are skint, can’t pay the staff, haven’t won a game since forever, have a half dead chairman, a sex maniac for a manager and a bunch of loons who want to buy the club, but won’t tell us who they are.  Merry Christmas everyone.

– Richard McCormick


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Could Bolton Be the Worst Side in Championship History?

wooden_spoonNo, it’s not a knee jerk reaction to yet another defeat.  Manny Road has gone all statto.  It was greatly amusing to watch Blackpool FC fail so miserably last season, but as the graphic below shows, after twenty games, the Wanderers have an identical number of points.

blackpooltableThe Tangerines had a final tally of 26 – the lowest total since the Championship was formed.

Perhaps that will give Neil Lennon and his men pause for thought as they continue the long walk from Hull to Charlton for tomorrow night’s game.

bw-sledge3Meanwhile, fund raising efforts continue.   Bolton Central has taken delivery of its Christmas merchandise. The BWFC sledge goes on sale this week at the very reasonable price of £9.99. “Our fans are used to things that go downhill very quickly,” explained a spokesman.

In the New Year a special series of Strictly Come Dancing will be held in the Platinum Suite at the Macron Stadium.  Katie Hopkins is a contestant and the dance floor will have landmines beneath it.  Danger increases as the series progresses with a new bomb added for each performance.  Simon Cowell is down as a guest star at week four and the audience will be equipped with cattle prods and a munitions map.

By week five, if Katie is still alive she’ll get a new partner.  It’s Gary Megson.  Tickets are expected to move quickly, but perhaps not as quickly as Gary.

potty3The Valley has previously been a happy hunting ground for the Whites.  In 2002 with relegation looming they pulled off a 2-1 victory with Youri Djorkaeff scoring his first goals for the club.  The Frenchman also made his mark the following season with a trademark overhead kick.

But there’s no Youri now.  There’s just Neil Danns.  Try not to cry.

– Richard McCormick


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We Ain’t Done Yet. A BWFC Call to Action

CallToActionOn Tuesday, Bolton’s senior players decided to defer payment of their wages until a takeover is complete.  What can you do?

Grim times for Bolton Wanderers.  The worst period in the club’s history bar the Burnden Disaster.

With owner Eddie Davies unwilling or unable to provide further finance, the gap between expenditure and income is running at around £1million a month.  Even though Davies has written off the money owed to his company, there’s still the matter of a £5million loan at high interest that can’t be settled, players unpaid and the Inland Revenue lurking in the background.

There is little discernible progress in arranging a take over that might save the day.  The stated number of interested parties seems to change every day, and while former players Dean Holdsworth and Stelios have been mentioned, other names are hard to find.  It seems a long time ago, that Sam Allardyce’s side travelled to Anfield on a New Year’s Day sitting third in the Premier League – for that is where the decline began.

We’ve been here before of course.  In 2003 with relegation avoided and stars like Jay Jay Okocha and Youri Djorkaeff still on the books, insolvency loomed until Davies bought in.  The early eighties saw Nat Lofthouse front up the still running Lifeline scheme to provide much needed cash and then part of the Burnden Embankment was given over to a supermarket, which looked silly, but needs must.

Single words or phrases have been used much of late to sum up the Wanderers. “Beleaguered”, “struggling “debt ridden”, “cash strapped”, “bottom of the league”, and just occasionally, “once proud.”

McGinlay & Co turning over Liverpool and Arsenal on their own turf in the FA Cup.  Promotion to the top flight in the best play off final ever.  Four top eight finishes under Allardyce. Two European campaigns in three years. Beating Red Star Belgrade away, the only British side to have done that, and holding the mighty Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena.  Once proud?  Like hell.  We’re still proud.  A little club from Lancashire that’s spent 70 years in the top league, won the World’s best knock out competition four times and had the magnificent player and man that was our Nat.

Life isn’t easy right now.  Bolton, Lancs was in difficulty well before the credit crunch, any economic recovery hasn’t touched these parts and the town’s largest employer is about to shed more than 500 jobs.  And it’s almost Christmas, with family needs to cater for.  So if you can’t do what’s suggested in the following paragraphs no one is judging you, at least no one grown up.

But if you can get to the Macron Stadium for Saturday’s game against Cardiff City, do so, and shout yourself hoarse.  Why?  For one thing the extra cash may mean those down the pecking order – junior players and those unseen people without whom a football club can’t function, get paid for that bit longer.

Then there’s the small matter of sticking two fingers up at everyone else, for make no mistake, there are some in the football world who revel at the current situation.   But most of all – and this applies whether you’re a hard core traveller to every away game, an occasional visitor or somewhere in between:

It’s your club.

Fill the Macron.  Come On You White Men.

– Richard McCormick


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Dear Eddie Davies, Thanks for Everything. Now Do One

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and a rottweiller. Judge for yourself. No rottweillers were harmed in the creation of this image.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and a rottweiller. Judge for yourself. No rottweillers were harmed in the creation of this image.

“It is now thought financial backing for the bid has not come from an outside party, as previously speculated, but is completely secured by assets owned by the company’s partners.”

The words came from the Bolton News on 19th November 2015 as it attempted to explain the funding from Sports Shield Investments, the outfit fronted by Dean Holdsworth, which is attempting to buy Bolton Wanderers.  One wonders what those assets are.  Perhaps they mean Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s chest.

(For those who don’t remember, McKenzie was the spectacularly endowed porn starlet who Deano had a fling with some years back, which led to wife Samantha declaring that the family Rottweiller was better looking.)

Phil Gartside will take no part in negotiations. The town’s newspaper also reported the day before that the chairman was “seriously ill” (their quotes) and that he “has been in poor health for a number of weeks.”  We wish Mr Gartside a full recovery and drink to his well being.  Which is presumably what he was doing when seen in Fanny’s pub on Markland Hill, near the Macron Stadium a fortnight ago.

Trevor Birch, an expert in dealing with basket-case clubs (Chelsea, Portsmouth, Leeds, Southampton amongst others) has been appointed to oversee any purchase and to prevent a slide into administration and the accompanying twelve point deduction.

That threat might seem odd, given that the bulk of the near £200 million debt is owed to Moonshift Investments, Eddie Davies’s company, but there are other parties who want their money back.    One of them is London based Nucleus Commercial Finance, who lent £5 million in August at an eye watering 16% interest rate, secured against part of the stadium. Vice chairman Brett Warburton had to stump up for the wage bill in June and July, so if the price of a toastie loaf goes skyward around Christmas time you know who to blame.

Three years after relegation, staff costs are still the problem, running at £30.6 million including social security and pensions, but that’s what you get for paying the likes of David Wheater £27k a week.   Such figures mean that any buyer has to deal with an annual loss of around £10 million, as well as a purchase price of three times that.

Incidental costs are not under control either.  Before each home game, the squad stays at Kilhey Court Hotel.  Transport, accomodation and medical expenses mean that each visit is £8.5k a pop –  not an issue for a thriving Premier League team,  but something that can be avoided for one lower down looking to trim the fat.

Those who have read this site over the past few years already know of the problems.  Manny Road is the only publication which has consistently questioned the way that the club was run.

The Murky Financial World of Bolton Wanderers was originally published just after relegation, when everything was claimed to be tickety-boo.   Bolton Wanderers – And How they Wasted £40 million showed how the disastrous player trading record contributed to the losses.

Then there are the questionable transfer deals.  Not many fans have sympathy with football agents, but it’s worth remembering that when Tony McGill lost his case against Bolton on a technicality, the judge poured scorn on almost everone who gave evidence on behalf of the club.  It’s entirely possible that the Whites are seen as tainted and that agents would rather take their players elsewhere.  If that sounds fanciful, then ask yourself when was the last time a permanent signing made a major difference at the Macron.

History will hopefully remember the good parts of Eddie Davies’s tenure as owner.  Four top eight Premier League finishes, trips to Europe, Jay Jay Okocha, Youri Djorkaeff,  Ferando Hierro and Ivan Campo gracing the turf.  But the latter part has been an unmitigated disaster.  Regime change is urgently needed.  We hope and wait.
– Richard McCormick

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Phil Gartside Faces Perjury Prosecution

Garty_CourtIf you thought that the long running spat between Bolton Wanderers and football agent Tony McGill regarding the transfer of Gavin McCann was over, then think again.

In September last year, McCann failed in his attempt to win damages, as he hadn’t had a legally binding contract with the midfielder.  Yet the judge deemed that decision as ‘unfortunate’ and accepted McGill’s version of events, whilst heavily criticising almost everyone who gave evidence on behalf of Bolton Wanderers.

Now McGill has launched a private prosecution against Gartside and several other defendants alleging perjury and fraud, which will be heard on February 25th at Newcastle and Tynedale Magistrates Court.

The transfer happened in 2007 with McGill alleging that he was cut out of the deal at the last minute,  in favour of agency SEM, despite having represented the player in negotiations.  After two court cases it has never been established who appointed SEM.

The other defendants in the case are Stephen Horner. former Bolton manager Sammy Lee, club secretary Simon Marland,  general manager at the time Frank McParland, agents David Sheron and Jeffrey Weston, SEM, head of SEM, Jerome Anderson,  Bolton Wanderers and Gavin McCann.

Whilst this is a private prosecution,  rather than one brought under criminal law,  the Crown Prosecution Service can take over under certain circumstance, with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment.

– Richard McCormick

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Get Your Hand in Your Pocket Uncle Eddie


Fans of Bolton Wanderers started the year 2014 in a state of shock, as the accounts, released somewhat later than usual on the prior New Years Eve, showed a £50 million loss and a total debt of £168 million.

The  top bods at the club were hoping that everyone would be too pissed to notice, but that idea didn’t fly as a plethora of articles appeared, all written along the lines of ‘how not to run a football club.’  Chairman Phil Gartside surfaced – eventually, to assure the supporters that everything was fine because the Whites own their own stadium, have a bit of land they can build on and club owner Eddie Davies isn’t dead.

Dave Whelan wasn’t taken in.  “The lad who,  I was talking to him in Barbados about a fortnight ago.  Lad who owns it.  He’s being led a dance by…….whoever’s doing it at Bolton.  Something’s wrong,” he told Bolton FM.    The recording was removed from the radio station’s Soundcloud page, which was a shame as it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.  A transcript of the conversation can be read at Finally The Truth About Bolton Wanderers, Well Kind Of 

Interestingly, the latest figures haven’t yet been made public, with Burnden Leisure having converted to a private limited company from a PLC

Things on the pitch didn’t look too rosy either.  After presiding over the worst Bolton start in 111 years, Dougie Freedman engineered the biggest defeat since 1982 at Reading’s Digestive Stadium in January.  The home side had eight shots on target.  Seven of them went in.

Improvement was slow to arrive.  Freedman’s men didn’t win their first game of the year until Feb 22nd against Watford, and that was only the third home victory of the campaign.    Blackburn and Leeds United were dispatched impressively, 4-0 and 5-1 respectively, but then it was back to crippled by caution football, and whilst a mid-table finish was achieved comfortably, the play off places were but a distant dream.

At least the foundations were in place for a promotion push in the 2014-15 season.  If only.   A 3-0 defeat at Watford on the opening day, was just the beginning.   By October, Freedman had belatedly departed by ‘mutual consent’, after a miserable 4-0 reverse at Fulham, who were themselves in relegation trouble.

By this time football agent Tony McGill’s long running dispute regarding the transfer of Gavin McCann in 2007 was over.  McGill failed to win the case as he didn’t have a written contract with the midfielder, but the judge poured scorn on almost everyone who testified on behalf of Bolton Wanderers and accepted McGill’s version of events as plausible.

A fuller account of the verdict can be read at: Bolton Wanderers.  Can We Have the Truth Now Please.

After seven years and two court cases it’s still not clear why Gartside and Co acted the way they did.  One can only hope that in future their behaviour is beyond reproach.  While McGill is financially lighter to the tune of £100,000 he is happy at the outcome and feels vindicated.  The same can be said for this website despite the threats and false accusations which have come this way from Bolton’s more bone headed followers since coverage of the matter began, just over three years ago.

On October 11th there was national coverage of the case, along with other issues. Broken Bolton: where did it all go wrong for Wanderers? Asked Daniel Taylor in the Guardian

Attention was quickly diverted with the arrival of a new manager the next day.  Having a made a humongous balls up of the previous four appointments, Gartside wasn’t trusted to undertake the task alone.  He had director Brett Warburton and owner Eddie Davies for company. Which is probably why Neil Lennon got the gig instead of Malky Mackay.

Mackay subsequently joined Wigan.  It seems like a good match.  The Scot will be leading Latics fans in a chorus of their traditional song, “You’re Just a Town Full of Pakis,” when they visit the Macron Stadium for an FA Cup tie on Saturday.  Dave Whelan won’t there though.  He’s been banned from being Dave Whelan for six weeks after comments made in the wake of Mackay’s appointment.  The Wigan owner isn’t even allowed to mention his leg.

It’s soon to judge Lennon but first impressions are extremely good.  The infographic below, nicked from the BBC shows his first eleven games as manager against Freedman’s last eleven.


Results aside, the Northern Irishman has a straightforward way with words, which usually leaves one nodding in agreement. With Freedman you were left you wondering if he’d arrived not via Crystal Palace, but from some  planet in a distant galaxy.

But given injuries and the limitations of the squad he inherited, Lennon can only do so much.  A decision needs to be made.  With an eleven point gap to overcome, making the play offs is a long shot, but if there is a genuine desire to do that, then money needs to spent in the January transfer window.

It’s over to you Uncle Eddie.  Get your hand in your pocket.  It shouldn’t be a problem. Your mate Phil says so.
– Richard McCormick

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Oi, Bolton! Sort Your Hoardings Out!

times_squareCompared to the previous home performance, where Wigan Athletic were almost overwhelmed, Bolton’s victory against Huddersfield at the weekend was a more muted affair.  The same couldn’t be said for the advertising hoardings.  Times Square comes to the Macron.

The advantage in electronic displays is that the same advertising space can be flogged to more than one punter.  The bad news is that when they’re not configured correctly, watching the game is more difficult.  Going to a football match where you can’t see the football detracts from the experience somewhat.

These days at BWFC,  the floodlights are only partly deployed, to cut the electric bill one presumes.  That means that the areas occupied by the crowd are in semi-darkness.  In comparison the lights on the hoardings are often brilliant white.  Sort it out boys.  Either tone the colours down, turn on all the floodlight bulbs, or give out free sunglasses at the turnstiles.

Project Lennon continues to roll on purposefully.   Dorian Devite and Matt Mills have formed a solid central defensive partnership, and while Josh Vela is played out of position at right back, he hasn’t let anyone down, and is gaining valuable first team experience.  It’s doubtful that Tim Ream envisaged himself as an attacking left-back when he arrived at the club, but if it works, then stick with it.

The Whites lacked fluency against Chris Powell’s side, with a distinct lack of movement from the front line.  Max Clayton didn’t make his usual runs – the most effective part of his game.  On the one occasion he did, it created space for Craig Davies to fire home the winner from close range, as he connected to Liam Feeney’s cross, the former Millwall man having been played in by the ever impressive Lee Chung-Yong.

But before then, the Whites were rescued on more than one occasion by goalkeeper Andrew Lonergan, as the visitors attacked on the break, a situation allowed by the home side chasing the game and some wayward passing.

Nonetheless, three points is welcome as Bolton at last begin to climb toward mid table.  If the run can continue through December, and if manager Neil Lennon is allowed to recruit in the next transfer window, then 2015 may yet bring New Year cheer.

– Richard McCormick

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It’s Time to Give Darren Pratley A Break

pratleyThe West Stand at the Macron Stadium was a hostile place as Bolton eased past Cardiff City on Tuesday night.  At least it was for Darren Pratley.

“Pratley!!!!!!!!!” yelled one spectator, at high volume. any time the ex-Swansea midfielder went near the ball, as though the word itself was an admonishment.

“Keep on walking,” advised another as Pratley went to the touchline to get a drink, during a break in play.  There’s a grim humour in such determined and persistent barracking of one’s own player, even if it is self-defeating.  However, whilst it’s no one’s place to tell those who pay their hard earned cash how to behave, it’s unfair not to give credit where it’s due – and against Russell Slade’s team, it was.

Pratley began the move that led to Liam Feeney’s first goal, and laid on the killer ball across the face of the penalty area for the second.  In between he frequently mopped up after an off colour Mark Davies lost possession.

This isn’t to suggest that there will be Premier League teams waiting to pounce in the January transfer window, for Pratley has been criticised with some justification in the past, but it appears that he has a role to play in Neil Lennon’s plans, and it wouldn’t hurt to give some encouragement.

In the wake of what turned out to be a comfortable victory, most of the plaudits have gone to Craig Donkey Davies and deservedly so.  Regular readers of this site will know that he hasn’t been a favourite, but the big man worked tirelessly and gave Cardiff’s defenders no peace at all.  Such defending from the front gave Bolton’s midfield more space in which to work and allowed a rejuvenated Lee Chung-yong to work his magic.

Whilst there were a number of notable displays, Bolton’s performance as a whole was patchy.  It’s still too easy for the opposition to move the ball through midfield, and going forward the Whites were often ponderous, with misplaced passes aplenty and a lack of movement.    Of course, Project Lennon is still in its infancy and such things will improve with confidence and more familiarity with the new man’s methods.

Disappointments?  The attendance of 12,961 was the lowest for a league game since 2001 and referee  Geoff Eltringham was woefully inconsistent, awarding twenty fouls in favour of the visitors to just five for the home side, mainly because he was fooled by Cardiff’s players falling over more convincingly.  The Welsh side won’t be troubling the top flight any time soon, based on this evidence, but a few members of their squad may be up for an Oscar.

And still the Wanderers remain in 23rd place in the Championship despite three wins in the last five games.  That’s because there are a number of sides in that area of the table who shouldn’t be. Those clubs are now starting to pick up points,  so it will be necessary to wait until the mid-table teams can be reined in, before an ascent can begin.  Based on the last few matches, there shouldn’t be any doubt that that will happen in due course.
– Richard McCormick

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Is Neil Lennon Really the Right Man for Bolton?

Lennon_unveiledSunday was an intriguing day for fans of Bolton Wanderers. In the morning, talk was of Daniel Taylor’s piece in the Guardian that covered disastrous transfer dealings, the undue influence of agent Mark Curtis, incompetent financial management and the recent court case which so damaged the reputation of the club. It neatly summarised articles that have appeared on this site over the past three years.

Attention was deflected in the afternoon with the appointment of Neil Lennon as new manager. Lennon’s arrival has been greeted positively on the whole, apart from a few meat heads who seem to believe that Bolton is a hot bed of sectarianism. If there have been Orange marches in the town they must have happened when no one was looking.

The former Celtic man had been approached by the Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad, but reasoned sensibly, that in a Middle East climate with his complexion, he’d turn pink and crispy in half an hour.

Lennon’s first job will be to call dial-a-ride for Lennie Lawrence. The old lad was asleep in a corner when Dougie Freedman bit the dust and has been wandering about the stadium looking for his boss ever since.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

After that, there’s the small matter of hauling Bolton out of the relegation zone. Taking on a job with so many difficulties shows confidence. Either that, or the new man doesn’t appreciate the size of the task. He comes to a club which is bottom of the league, with a £160 million debt, a chairman who doesn’t know right from wrong and a hobbit for a captain.

It’s not a ‘safe’ appointment, but in truth, those don’t really exist. At Celtic, Lennon won three SPL titles, two Scottish Cups and had a win percentage of 69% – the same as Jock Stein. But he was a manager in a one club league. That said, fashioning a win over Barcelona looks good on anyone’s cv.

Some might have preferred Chris Hughton, who has more Championship experience. The ex-Newcastle, Birmingham and Norwich manager is well liked in the game, but wouldn’t have set pulses racing, and after two years of Freedman’s brand of sterile anti-football, that’s badly needed.  If you’re still looking for positives, at least be reassured that there won’t be any more signings from Crystal Palace.

In addition, Lennon can’t do worse than the last Northern Irishman to manage Bolton. That was Jimmy Mcilroy in 1970 who lasted eighteen days and had a win percentage of 0%.

Outside of Bolton, Ginger Two isn’t universally liked, to put it mildly. He’s been sent bullets and parcel bombs and attacked both on the streets of Glasgow and whilst standing on the touchline in a game at Hearts. Compared to that, enduring a few ‘Lennon Out’ banners should things go badly will be a piece of cake.

Welcome to Bolton Wanderers, Neil Lennon. May you do well.

– Richard McCormick

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Goodbye Dougie Freedman. It Wasn’t Nice Knowing You

tits2At last Bolton Wanderers have ceased to delay the inevitable and dispensed with the services of Dougie Freedman.   The sacking is long overdue.

Manny Road called time on Bolton’s hapless manager last October in the Dougie Freedman Experiment Isn’t Working, but he was kept in situ – not least because the Scotsman provided a much needed diversion from how badly the club was being run.

“Dougie has worked tirelessly off the field to improve the infrastructure of the football club,” said chairman Phil Gartside announcing the dismissal.  Gary Megson was also credited with the same task, which makes you wonder how much restructuring one club needs.

Freedman leaves Bolton at the bottom of the Championship table with five points from ten games, below Blackpool who had only eight players at the start of the season.  After today’s fixtures the club may be cut adrift, seven points from safety.  Always mediocre, his recent efforts have been disastrous.

Some would argue that Freedman wasn’t backed with transfer funds and there’s truth in that, but there was no shortage of players who arrived (and departed.)   The principal fault was the same as that of Megson and Owen Coyle,  failing to construct a midfield that could hold it’s shape sufficiently to protect the back four.   It’s a damning indictment for a defensive minded manager.

Added to that his constant tinkering with the line up, ignoring how players had performed in the previous game, left members of the squad confused and unmotivated.    If a good display won’t result in future selection, what’s the point?

According to one ex-player, Freedman arrived at the club, not with an open mind, but with the idea that there were Premier League egos that needed to be dealt with.  Consequently, he alienated parts of the dressing room from day one.  Since the sacking, former fringe players Jay Lynch and Gregg Wylde have also expressed dissatisfaction with how they were treated.  One suspects more will follow. This site also reported on the premature departure of Andy Robinson and how it wasn’t quite as fed to the media.

Freedman’s treatment of Kevin Davies was also bizarre.  Bolton’s then captain may not have been as effective as he once was, but he still had a role to play.  His exclusion from the squad was down to politics – an influential figure who had to be side lined.

What will the former Crystal Palace man be remembered for?  The worst start to a season for Bolton Wanderers in 111 years and the heaviest defeat since 1982.   Apart that, not much.  The past two years have been a non-event.  Dougie Freedman isn’t the worst manager that Bolton have had, but he’ll be the one most quickly forgotten.

– Richard McCormick

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