Phil Gartside Faces Perjury Prosecution

Garty_CourtIf you thought that the long running spat between Bolton Wanderers and football agent Tony McGill regarding the transfer of Gavin McCann was over, then think again.

In September last year, McCann failed in his attempt to win damages, as he hadn’t had a legally binding contract with the midfielder.  Yet the judge deemed that decision as ‘unfortunate’ and accepted McGill’s version of events, whilst heavily criticising almost everyone who gave evidence on behalf of Bolton Wanderers.

Now McGill has launched a private prosecution against Gartside and several other defendants alleging perjury and fraud, which will be heard on February 25th at Newcastle and Tynedale Magistrates Court.

The transfer happened in 2007 with McGill alleging that he was cut out of the deal at the last minute,  in favour of agency SEM, despite having represented the player in negotiations.  After two court cases it has never been established who appointed SEM.

The other defendants in the case are Stephen Horner. former Bolton manager Sammy Lee, club secretary Simon Marland,  general manager at the time Frank McParland, agents David Sheron and Jeffrey Weston, SEM, head of SEM, Jerome Anderson,  Bolton Wanderers and Gavin McCann.

Whilst this is a private prosecution,  rather than one brought under criminal law,  the Crown Prosecution Service can take over under certain circumstance, with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment.

– Richard McCormick

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