Revealed: The Real Reason Marcos Alonso Left Bolton


Bolton manager Dougie Freedman has been ruing the loss of Marcos Alonso, who joined Fiorentina  when his contract expired, and is now on loan at Sunderland

“It’s just another story at this football club. A player is going out of contract and wasn’t dealt with in the right way,” he told the Bolton News. “I was disappointed when he left in the summer but I can’t blame the boy for wanting to go and play in Serie A.”

The truth is a little more complex than that, and can be revealed, thanks to a source once close to the player.   Alonso was on take home pay of  £27,000 a week at Bolton, after tax, national insurance and other deductions.  The club were happy to discuss an extension based on those figures.

However, Alonso’s father, who also acts as his agent, received what was thought to be a better offer from Italy, and the decision was made to move there.   Things were not as they first seemed. Thanks to a mistranslation in the negotiations, the contract was worth a good deal less than first thought.

Alonso and his father returned to Bolton in June, hoping to revive the earlier deal.  They were told in no uncertain terms that it was no longer on the table, so the transfer to Fiorentina went ahead.

Since then, replacement Marc Tierney has broken his leg and defensive reinforcements were not made in the January tranfer window, so if a new left-back is to be recruited it will have to be via the loan window which opens on 8th February.

– Richard McCormick

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