The Long Awaited Return of Quentin X

SandWManny Road has a new columnist.  It’s none other than former Vital Bolton editor Quentin X.  What do you mean, who?

So, they said. Write a little bit about yourself so the readers of Manny Road can get to know you.

What? I said. They don’t know me already? After all, I banged out article after article, day after day, for another site for about three years, even when there was no news about Bolton Wanderers. I’ve banged heads with the club over how they commemorate the Burnden Park disaster (they won), had the wife of a former captain frothing at the mouth about things I said about her (possible draw, but I won morally) and was called the funniest thing since a wet weekend in Wolverhampton. Which is a damning indictment on Wolverhampton. Surely I’d be remembered?

But then I thought, if it only takes a second to score a goal (a mantra our current manager could do well with sticking on his office wall) then the year I’ve taken off from writing about Greater Manchester’s third most successful club would not only see people not remember me but probably wonder just what this person from the south of England was doing even writing about them. Yes, the south. What of it?

So, a little refresher for those that know me and a steep learning curve for those that don’t. I’m Steve but you may call me Quentin X, as that’s my twitter mantra (@QuentinX_ if you feel like adding to my 377, and falling, followers. Don’t forget the underscore.) I’ve supported Bolton since 1985. Before that, and this may have you hovering over the close icon in the top right hand corner, I was a season ticket holder in the Stretford End.

It’s a long story but the short version is I once got lost inside Burnden Park when I was a child and the club took great care of me. However, coming from Trafford I supported my local club. Unfortunately that was Man Utd. One day, they threw me out of the ground for standing in the wrong place. And that was that. I remembered how good Bolton were to me and went to support them.

I’ll admit, I’m rarely in the town. In fact, I’ve been about five times. If you’re some people, including the above mentioned lady, that precludes you from supporting the club. I’ve still got a copy of that tweet. And, after moving south in 2006 and giving up my season ticket, I am rarely at The Reebok. Armchair fan? Hardly. Whilst I admit that I wasn’t one of the approximately 18,000 people who claim to have been at Scarborough in 1987, I did go to Halifax later that season. I know where I would have preferred to have gone. Somewhere in storage, after all the other VHS have gone in the bin, I still have a roadrunner video. And an Electric Blue, just for old times sake.

Around this time last year I decided to take a year off. I still paid attention to results but by the time this season rolled around, if I was asked who we were playing this weekend, I couldn’t answer off the top of my head. Beforehand I would still get to as many games as I could. They were just London-centric. That’s four games, if you include Watford. However, Bolton were giving me a headache. I wasn’t happy with the way the club was being run. I wasn’t happy with the way the team were playing. After almost thirty years, I decided to take a rest. I don’t think I was the only one.
The problem with football is you cannot ignore it forever and when I started paying attention again, I found the club in the same old position with the same old problems and the same old debts. Plus some new ones. I tried not to worry and not to bother. In the end, it didn’t work. And at about the same time that I thought I should write something again, Manny Road came along and offered me the outlet. The fools.

So that’s me. Pleased to make your acquaintance or re-acquaintance. Hopefully I’ll be here once a week to praise or grumble, depending on what has gone on. More the latter as opposed to the former I would guess. The following words may be used a lot. Gartside. Knight. Money. What, The. Actual. Yellow. Rubbery. ****. Out. Freedman. In. Cows. Arse. Banjo.

Looking forward to it.

Write a little bit they said. Fat chance.

– Quentin X


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