The Quick Quid Deal is Fantastic for Bolton Wanderers!

The sponsorship deal between Bolton Wanderers and Quick Quid continues to cause controversy. A petition against the arrangement has attracted close to 4,000 signatures and a demonstration is planned on Saturday June 8th at the Reebok Stadium.

Not everyone is of the same opinion. Here, long time Whites fan, Fat Stanley advances an alternative point of view.

The Quick Quid sponsorship is a great deal for Bolton Wanderers. It provides much needed funds and enhances the club’s reputation.

Quick Quid is a kind company. You work hard all week, watch your money, but still can’t make ends meet. So what do Quick Quid do? They give you cash. Do they have to do that? Of course not. They’re like the fourth emergency service. Knights in shining armour. That’s why they’ve got a shield as their logo.

Counting the Cash

Counting the Cash

Do they make a fuss if you can’t pay it back? Absolutely not. Just give them a ring and get a bit longer to find the dosh. Of course, there’s a fee for that, but you don’t expect them to do it for nothing, right? They have a living to make.

Do you want your football club to be involved with a smart company? Oh, yes. That’s Quick Quid. Take an example: Sarah Jones needs money in August to buy school uniforms for her two boys. Her credit rating is ok. She borrows £100 over three months but can’t pay it back, so the loan is extended. By Christmas, Sarah has paid £125 in fees, but still owes the £100 borrowed in the first place. Business genius!

It’s how mafia loan sharks operate. Lend a little money, get a load back. But these guys aren’t breaking the law. It’s all legit. They won’t show up on your doorstep with knuckledusters if you don’t hold up your side of the bargain. There’s no need. They just ask the courts to send bailiffs round for a few bits and bobs. Of course, they don’t want to do that, but you made an agreement, so stick to it. And let’s not have any of this nonsense about poor people. Bolton’s booming and the economy’s in great shape with stacks of well paid jobs around. If you’re poor it’s because you want to be.

In the words of Muhammad Ali, a man of vision, just like Gary Megson. “I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” Quick Quid agree. That’s why they’ll be working with BWFC Juniors – that’s thousands of youngsters supplied by Bolton Wanderers, who’ll be shown that high interest borrowing is normal. What parent wouldn’t be pleased about that?

Lofty will look great in his Quick Quid shirt.

Lofty will look great in his Quick Quid shirt.

That “get ’em early” idea has been imported from America and again, it shows business savvy. Just think of the way that Coca Cola, McDonalds and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts support academies state side, so that they can get students into the habit of consuming their nutritious food and drink at the first opportunity.

As Daniel Feehan, chief exec of CashAmerica, Quick Quid’s parent company says, “The learning here is to keep your eyes, ears and heart open to the many opportunities that will undoubtedly come your way.”

Wise words. The vulnerable are there to be taken advantage of and if you’ve not been in a difficult position yourself, why give a toss? Worry abut something that matters. Like the X-Factor.

Not everyone is on board yet. The 4,000 who’ve signed the petition, for example or the the fifteen chavs who demonstrated outside the Town Hall last week. These losers are entitled to an opinion, but let’s not forget, the same people said that Danny Shittu and Gerald Cid would never be world class.

Let’s face it, anyone opposed to this deal is a namby pamby, bed-wetting, tree-hugging communist who thinks that the country should be run by one-eyed, mentally handicapped lesbian asylum seekers. Or to put it another way, the sort of dumb-ass who looks out for other people.

Don’t let do-gooders spoil this great opportunity. You should always back your football club. Whatever it does. Nothing in life is as important.

Is Fat Stanley on the ball, or do you agree with the petition against the Quick Quid deal? Click here to read it.

– Richard McCormick

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